Piers Morgan says MMA fight with trans athlete made him ‘sick’

Piers Morgan says MMA fight with trans athlete made him 'sick' | Sports News

After trans-identified MMA fighter Alana McLaughlin used a chokehold to defeat opponent, Celine Provost, in their match on Friday, popular English broadcaster Piers Morgan said watching the match made him “sick.”

Although Provost is a 32-year-old female that has over a decade of experience in competing in MMA, she lost her match to McLaughlin, a 38-year-old Army veteran who spent six years serving in the U.S. military as a male.

Morgan wrote an opinion piece published by The Daily Mail about the match for Combate Global at the Univision Center in Miami, calling it the “moment ideology met cold, hard reality.”

The 56-year-old controversial journalist argued that Provost “couldn’t compete with the overwhelming physical strength of her opponent.”

“Provost’s punches bounced off McLaughlin like a baby lion’s off its father, and when she was pinned to the ground, she couldn’t move and quickly tapped out,” he described.

The controversial journalist pegged the trans-identified MMA fighter “a war hero” who served as a special force medical sergeant in Afghanistan in 2007 who helped “save many lives.”

He went on to say that his criticism of the fight does not mean that he does not empathize with the fact that McLaughlin’s mother disowned him when he underwent gender transition.

In an interview with The Guardian, McLaughlin describes growing up poor in South Carolina, being raped at just 5 years old by a farmer’s sons and how his family forced him into “conversion” programs.

Morgan called McLaughlin’s upbringing cruel and “appallingly bigoted” but stated that “Regardless of her military record or personal struggles growing up, none of this justifies what happened on Friday night.”

“I found the bout sickening to watch,” Morgan wrote. “It was obvious very quickly that McLaughlin was too strong, and equally obvious that this strength came from the 33 years she spent as a biological man.”

Morgan brought attention to the restrictive hormone treatment that sports authorities make some biologically male trans-identified athletes take before competing in women’s sports. He said the treatments “do not reduce muscle density or power,” which he says creates “unfairness” in all sports. But in a combat sport like MMA, he argues it can create a “potentially deadly disparity.”

The United Kingdom native maintained that although he has been pegged by critics of his stance to be “transphobic” or a “scare-mongerer,” he is neither.

“I’ve always supported trans rights to fairness and equality,” Morgan insisted.

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